Aug 31

Life Lately – August 2016

Well, well, it’s been months since I’ve written here. Lots of very good, very full months. And now, here we are on the cusp of September, and I’m so excited to get back into the swing of things. September has always really felt like the new year to me. Anyone else? I suppose it’s that old school mentality that I still can’t shake (even at 30), but also that the weather starts to turn and new routines start up in the fall. Summer is my JAM, but I really, really love fall. There is nothing like crunchy leaves and not... Read more »

Jun 20

Thoughts on #2

Here we go again with Baby #2! We are all very excited about welcoming him even though he’s been documented way less than Wesley had been at this point. Haha! To be honest, I doubt that changes much as time marches on. I do want to try to take at least some bump shots as this pregnancy progresses but I doubt I’m on top of it the way I was before. Our preparation list is so much shorter this time around too – having two boys exactly three years apart means we don’t need a stitch of clothing. We are probably... Read more »

Mar 16

Update: Motherhood, Lately

Last month, I wrote about how I was at my wits’ end with dealing with toddler logistics. The tantrums seemed never-ending at our house. Everyone was frustrated and I was questioning almost everything. And then, BAM, suddenly overnight it’s all changed. We dropped naps and Wesley fully weaned and now everything just seems so much easier. Tantrums come every few days. Bedtime is a breeze (because he’s tired!). He eats so much more all of a sudden and sleeps almost every night all the way through in his own bed for twelve hours. He tells me when he needs a... Read more »

Feb 10

Motherhood, Lately

We’ve had a lot of tantrums in our house lately. Lots and lots. Daily (and some days, let’s be honest, hourly). Parenting a highly verbal toddler is no joke. Wesley can throw some epic tantrums and I always try to repeat back to him what I heard to acknowledge his feelings (like, “you are upset because I took you out of the bath”). Here’s an unexpected consequence of that: I think it makes him even angrier to know that I understand him but still won’t give him what he wants. Yesterday he said “I don’t want you to talk about my feelings”... Read more »

Feb 1

Toddler Cooking


It’s no secret that I love to cook and bake. So does Nathan (in fact, we often argue over who gets to cook when we have people over because we both want our time in the kitchen AND we don’t cook together well at all). So, it was a big priority for us that Wesley also really enjoy time in the kitchen. The “experts” also say that children are more likely to eat the food they help prepare. That has definitely not been our experience (haha!), but it is fun cooking with him. One of the best things we’ve done... Read more »

Jan 20


We have almost arrived at the end of January and I’m just now settling in to reflect on the last year and set my intentions for 2016 (thanks, flu). 2105 was mostly a really great year for us and I do feel quite rooted in our new home. 2015 will also be remembered as the year I regained time for myself, read (and re-read) the complete Outlander series (and, yes, I DO still miss Jamie and Claire), went to the beach every chance I got and fell in love with Maine. It wasn’t all sunshine and roses though – 2015 will... Read more »

Dec 1

Around Here – December 2015

How it is already December? This year has FLOWN by and, I’ll admit, it doesn’t quite feel like the Christmas season yet around here. We are (very) slowly decorating our house and listening to lots of Christmas music on repeat (Pentatonix and Lady Antebellum are getting lots of play these days) so I’m hoping I start feeling it soon. November was a very, very full month for us and I’m excited to slow down a bit in December. Here are a few things I’ve been digging lately: Melissa and Doug Nativity Set: We just got this for Wesley in the... Read more »

Nov 22


Just like the rest of the internet, I am newly obsessed with hygge. Normally I like to make a winter bucket list to rival my summer list, but this year while there are a few things that are must-dos for me (driving around to see Christmas lights and snowshoeing) I am mostly trying to be very intentional about LIKING winter this year and embracing hygge whenever I can. To that end, I’ve been making lots and lots of new cozy playlists, developing a nightly herbal tea on the couch ritual and making a plan with Nathan that we will only... Read more »

Nov 20

Wesley is Two!

Oh my stars – we have a two year old! I can’t believe it’s been two whole years since he was born and I also can’t believe it’s only been two years. How about that fun parenting paradox? Over the last year (when I stopped his monthly updates) Wesley has grown into the coolest little guy. We are so blessed to be his parents. Man oh man. Wesley never, ever stops talking it seems. I love hearing what he is thinking about (even at night when it means he’s not asleep). He has memorized the words to 20 or so... Read more »

Nov 17

On Hard and Scary Things

Last night I decided I need to quit Facebook for a while. This morning when I was telling Nathan about my decision, I started to cry. Wesley toddled over to me and said “Mama? Hug? What’s wrong?” As I accepted his hug, I told him that Mama was crying because “it’s hard and scary sometimes to love others even though Jesus tells us to.” I wasn’t dumbing down my answer for my two-year-old — that is genuinely why I was crying. It is hard and it is scary to love. Of course I am as scared as everyone else is... Read more »

Nov 16

Life Soundtrack

Do you ever think of your life as a movie? I like to orchestrate the soundtrack of my days finding the perfect music to match to my mood and activities. I have a friend who always heard The Cranberries in her head when she walked out the door of her New York City apartment. I’m like that too. So, in honor of the big 3-0, here are fifteen songs that were or are the perfect background music to pivotal points in my life. Out of my Head by Fastball – This song, y’all. I used to record hours of the... Read more »

Nov 10

Things I Learned by 30

It’s finally here! I turned 30 on Sunday and it’s so exciting. I feel like I’ve been waiting about seven years to be 30. It feels like such a solid, respectable age. After people marveling at me for so many years for doing things I was “too young to do” (being married, managing a large team at work, having a baby), I’m finally 30 and at 30 no one blinks an eye. Of course you are doing those things at 30! You’re 30! So, to mark the occasion, here are ten  things I’ve learned in the last 30 years: Life is... Read more »

Oct 14

Around Here – October 2015

I always feel a little silly writing posts like this because it seems very navel-gazing (does anyone REALLY care?), but then I remember that I love, love, love reading these types of posts that others write and it’s how how I’ve found many of my favorite products and books. So, here we go. I’m sharing the wealth with you. Cooking : I’m still loving Cooksmarts. We took the summer off from hardcore meal planning because we were busy living footloose and fancy free, but now we’re back and I’m loving it. I do miss the stir fry heavy plans from when... Read more »

Sep 24

Six Months Out

Last January, the One Little Word is picked for 2015 was “Root.” We moved to Somerville on March 1, so we have now passed the six month mark of living here. I chose Root with hope that maybe, just maybe, we would be able to find our way here within the year. That we could grow closer and stronger together and find ourselves living in a healthier, more flourishing way. We hung out with NYC friends in July and it was so nice to see them and catch up and hear about their lives and speak easily without having to catch... Read more »

Jun 11

On Leaving New York

The thing I miss is Central Park. Sure, life here is easier in about a million ways. I’m driving to buy groceries (so much easier even if they aren’t one bit cheaper here). Children are everywhere. Good coffee abounds (I actually think I’ve lost gold card status at Starbucks because I never, ever have to go drink their burnt coffee again). I HAVE A GARDEN. BUT. BUT. When I think about the Great Lawn my chest tightens. When I realize I won’t be having picnics up by the 97th Street Transverse a tear comes to my eye. I had a... Read more »